AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is changing the way that web pages work. Instead of actions causing the page to reload, which can lead to long user wait times, requests are sent using an HTTP object in JavaScript, and the page is manipulated dynamically using DHTML. The primary advantage of this method is that the user experiences much shorter wait times and can gain a richer experience.

AJAX makes it possible for web-based applications, such as the DealerNinja Solutions admin tool, to run as quickly and smoothly as desktop applications, such as Outlook or Thunderbird. We are continually integrating AJAX into our products and services.

Vigorous Load Balancing

So how do we perform under pressure? At DealerNinja we take highly into consideration the amount of traffic variance on the web throughout the day. Which is why DealerNinja has worked to engineer a solution so no matter if your the one sitting up at 3am modifying your inventory in the admin tool, or one in hundreds of thousands of customers browsing through your online inventory during the day, you can be assured you and your customers are getting the fastest and most reliable path to your data.

This solution involves many levels of redundancy in data storage, vehicle imaging, export services and running all your critical applications on multiple servers. DealerNinja has specifically worked to engineer software applications from the ground up that are fail-safe. What this means is if a database goes down, an application stops responding or even if an entire server or two happens to completely crash-and-burn you can relax knowing that you and your customers won't even feel a hiccup as a result.

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