In order to provide the highest quality service, dedicated personnel extensively monitor all details of the email hosting system. Multiple alert thresholds allow engineers to quickly respond to critical issues, while proactively addressing potential problems before they occur.

Network Layer

Rackspace monitors all routers, switches, and connectivity to ensure the integrity of their data centers and all operations. They also analyze the network backbone, bandwidth providers, and the overall health of the Internet.

Data Center

Rackspace monitors the status and efficiency of all HVAC, power generation, security, management, and support systems. They also track the health of servers, firewalls, load-balancers, and other platform components. Automated monitoring technologies provide alerts in the event of data center or device failures.

Applications and Databases

Rackspace employs sophisticated systems to capture data that reports on the health of the email system. They then view these metrics to optimize performance, availability, and storage performance.


The internal monitoring systems run a variety of commercial and public domain software, as well as software developed in-house. These systems were designed to be modular, so that as new applications or information need to be monitored, they can be incorporated easily. Monitoring includes: bandwidth utilization, interface errors, environmental alarms, chassis info (disk, CPU, memory, temperature), intrusion detection, application performance, and more.

Monitored data is used to forecast growth and aid engineers in capacity planning. By having an accurate view of the entire system, is able to scale individual sections of the email infrastructure in an effective and predictable manner.

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