No Single Point of Network Failure

Some of our competitors have elected to store their customer's inventory data on their own in house servers. Quite frankly, this presents a very realistic problem. A company that focuses on providing a service to dealerships will never have the resources that it takes to properly manage the data with any degree of success. Advanced data storage and management is a process that requires much expertise and advanced equipment. In order to provide our customers with the most reliable data storage possible DealerNinja have partnered with Rackspace. This alliance enables us to use our development resources to continue to lead the way in providing dealers with the best tools for managing online sales. In other words, we let the pros store your data so we can focus on helping you sell more cars.

The Rackspace network has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the high-availability demands of our inventory data. Their Cisco-powered, Zero-Downtime Network. has unique self-healing attributes that allow them to deliver to DealerNinja a 100% infrastructure availability guarantee. The resulting architecture is redundant in every element, from edge routers to core switches. In the event that one of these components should fail, the redundant network device will pick up the functionality without interruption of service.

Multiple Redundant Tier-One Bandwidth Providers

Rackspace routes its network traffic through the best tier-one network carriers, including WilTel, SBC, Sprint, AT&T, Qwest, Time Warner Telecom, and MCI. Using this multi-provider strategy creates a natural redundancy in the network architecture, ensuring that packets leave the network from multiple points.

To ensure rapid delivery of content, Rackspace's special routing technologies use the BGP-4 protocol to "talk" to numerous providers and actively probe the public Internet for packet loss and latency. This allows traffic to be automatically rerouted around heavily congested areas and into the fastest outbound route.

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