Why Kronon?

There are many companies that you can choose to provide online inventory management and window sticker service. However, there are numerous advantages to choosing DealerNinja. Keep in mind that virtually every single one of our customers has used our competition. Here are a few of the reasons why they made the switch to DealerNinja.


  • Kick Your Inventory Into Gear. If time is money, why wait for your inventory to be collected and posted online? With our Instant Data Uploads, your inventory will be available for sale faster than ever before. The result: less inventory downtime. Our qualified professionals can add your inventory to the web before they even leave the lot.

  • Image Is Everything. At DealerNinja, we never underestimate the power of a picture. That's why we make sure your inventory images are crisp and high-resolution, shot from the same standard angles for an overall professional look. Any valuable features are clearly displayed to the customer, making the most of your inventory's value.

  • Focus On Features. Sometimes used car features get overlooked. That's why we provide a robust feature display showcasing all of a vehicle's attributes, not just some of them. The features are clearly organized, allowing your customers to easily find what's important to them. A built-in aftermarket feature database accounts for any newer features. The end result: a web listing and window sticker that looks more like what you would expect to see in the window of a new car. Suddenly it just got easier justifying your asking price.

  • Your Face To The World. During extensive market research, we surveyed many car buyers dissatisfied with current dealership methods. One memorable quote: "Why is it that a website trying to sell me a $20 shirt looks better than the website trying to sell me a $20,000 car?"

    When you choose a company to provide your online inventory listings, you're choosing a company to represent your dealership. A disorganized website is the equivalent to an unkempt, tie-stained salesman standing on point. Is your online presence keeping your dealership from reaching its full sales potential?

  • We've Got Your Back. We have flexible service schedules in order to be there when you need us. If your dealership needs us there every day, we'll be there every day. If your dealership needs us three times a week, we can accommodate. There will always be someone you can reach, even if your representative is out. And if your representative is out, a member of management will fill in for him/her. When was the last time the company you currently use sent out a member of management to avoid service interruption?

  • Walking The Walk. We strongly believe in the importance of training. Every DealerNinja employee must pass a rigorous course that not only teaches them to master our software and company practices, but how to recognize the valuable features on a vehicle and-most importantly, convey that value to your customers. Essentially, we're teaching our people to help you sell more effectively.

  • Here Today, Here Tomorrow. You don't need to open a newspaper to know that technology is constantly changing. While other companies chose to invest in costly equipment that is quickly becoming obsolete, we developed a versatile software package that will be unaffected by developments in technology. Our software is constantly improving, leading to continually improved efficiency regardless of how equipment may change.

  • One Call Does It All. It can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to resolve an issue over the phone, especially when you get transferred from person to person. With DealerNinja you will have an assigned account manager to handle any and all issues that you may have. We provide this as yet another way to help you maximize efficiency. Leaving you to do what you do best. Selling cars.

  • Accuracy Guaranteed. Everything at DealerNinja, from the software that we use to the training of our personnel, has been designed to ensure accuracy.

    However, in the event we make a mistake, we offer the DealerNinja Guarantee: If a vehicle is listed incorrectly on your website or window sticker, you will not be charged for that listing and the inaccurate information will be fixed immediately. If a window sticker needs to be replaced, we will do so the same day.

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